Dating regler stevnsfortet

Mordecai tries to explain, but matters are made worse by the misunderstanding.

As CJ rearrives, she, Mordecai, and Thomas flee as the other parents pursue.

Death then leaves Thomas with Mordecai and CJ, but warns them that he's going through a bit of a "phase." After Death and his wife leave, Thomas greets Mordecai, surprising CJ, which leads Mordecai to explain that Thomas is really 300-years-old.

Thomas mocks his relationship with CJ, with Mordecai awkwardly explaining they're not a couple just yet as they both blush.

dating regler stevnsfortet

Mordecai tries to get CJ away but Death stops them before they can leave.Mordecai declines, insisting on his date with CJ, frustrating Rigby. kvinde søger elsker Hjørring Mordecai greets CJ on the porch with an awkward hug.Arriving at the underworld playground, CJ comments on how dangerous it looks.Mordecai suggests they sit on the swings while they watch Thomas play.

Dating regler stevnsfortet

After a brief introduction, Death orders Mordecai to babysit Thomas.Although CJ comes to Mordecai's aid, Death reminds him he has a favor to owe.While CJ leaves to use the restroom and Mordecai and Thomas heads to the bigger swings where a giant female praying mantis is pushing her child on the swings, Thomas laughs at Mordecai telling him he and CJ will never connect because as he's been purposely getting between him and CJ.. dating regler stevnsfortet-71dating regler stevnsfortet-84 When Mordecai tells him they're going home, Thomas makes thing worse for Mordecai by letting the praying mantis think Mordecai is using him to hit on her while his date is in the restroom.The other parents overhears this and are disgusted.

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When CJ returns, a Minotaur, who is the husband of the praying mantis, angrily approaches them.Thomas tells them they can use Death's motorcycle with a side cart attached to it.Although Mordecai doesn't know how to ride a motorcycle, CJ offers to as she has a motorcycle license.We begin with Mordecai in the bathroom brushing his teeth.Rigby comes in to remind Mordecai about the plans (or the man plans, the "mans") he planned with Mordecai: eating pizza and prank calling Benson.

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