Kostenlose dates Jena

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Since ancient times, it has been the most important commercial and industrial area; in the Middle Ages it was famous for its universities.

Today, visitors can see magnificent half-timbered houses and buildings in the Renaissance style, the famous Thuringian Bridge and many other notable historic buildings.

We offer different degree options (BA, BSc, MA, MSc, Diploma, State Examination) along with postgraduate programmes and courses in continuing education. Get enrolled Read more Here are the key dates for the current and forthcoming academic year, for induction days, reregistration and temporary withdrawal from university.The age of some exhibits is more than five hundred years.Near the museum there is the Planetarium, which will also please the guests with interesting excursions.Read more If you want to study at the University of Jena, you have to: 1. We also provide the term dates from our different departments including pre-semesters, language tests and refresher courses.Read more Whatever question you may have, there is professional staff at our university that will help you.

Kostenlose dates Jena

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