Single manning

that a Driver works Irregular shifts, and his case, in this respect, as indeed many others, has nothing in common with that of regular shift workers m outside industry.possible to be.

We say that as no man under the special circumstances I have indicated in relation to the Footplateman's way of life, can be 100 per cent during the night hours~ we must maintain the confidence of the train crews and.

Even if we accept this contention (which we do not), it has to be emphatically stressed.To explain this more fully: it is the intention of the Board to close the majority of depots as we know them today.They intend to have a minimum number of depots supplemented by booking on and off points.In this connection, I am referring to all Drivers, Firemen and Second Men-by Second Men, I mean the man who assists the Driver on a diesel or electric traction unit.It was the strongly-held view of my organisation that this application should be conducted separately and apart from any discussion of the question of manning of the new forms of traction.

Single manning

On this latter point we feel very strongly, because where authority is given to the local people to administer an agreement such as is suggested in the Railways' proposals, they are in fact prone to take the easy way out, and in connection with this matter would be inclined to roster many P. Breaks to commence before the third hour or to terminate after the fifth.that journey were worked in two stages by two successive Drivers, they would each require payment equal to 121/2 hours, and the cost to the Railways for that same mileage would be 25 hours' pay.I have had personal experience of working over long mileages and can assure you of the very great help and satisfaction obtained by a Driver from having a second pair of eyes to assist him In his arduous and most concentrated duties.Here again the heavy physical and mental demands which I have just outlined apply with equal force.Incidentally, may I remind the Court that the principle of the eight-hour day has been in operation since 1919 so far as my members are concerned.

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